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Packin' Light Productions


Packin' Light Production

I'm a prop. I'm a character. I'm a skit, a play, or a R.E.A.L. (Real Experiences About Life). Whatever the topic, whatever the need, if it is about life, it tells a story. Let us help you tell it through the arts and other creative ways. Let's start packin' light together!

We offer packages through our series of short R.E.A.L.S. in The Bag Lady Series, and through The Marva Move Show, where our favorite TV Talk Show host, Marva Move, interviews people of all walks of life. Let us use our talents and gifts to train, speak, or minister healing and joy at your next event, Bible Study, retreat, or virtual conference. 

PL Services


The Dramatist

Latricia C. Bailey has been a dramatist since she was a child. Her first performance was role-playing on stage while living in Bangkok, Thailand. It was here in Asia and her other world travels as a youth that she developed a passion for adapting to different cultures, ethnicities, and personalities.

This shaped her creativity to be able to tell stories and bring different characters to life. It was a combination of her always having to "live out of a bag" while traveling and the life-changing lyrics of Erykah Badu's song, "Bag Lady", that helped her develop The Bag Lady Series...Her love of props, art, and graphics created Packin' Light Productions with the hope that people would learn to live light without baggage weighing them down. 

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