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Editing & Design Services

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Want help with writing your next book or business concept?

Typos got you in a tizzy? Let us help you!

We offer a few different editing services. We recommend you start with a structural edit, and then progress to a copyedit or proofread, or get a Comprehensive Editing package that will include good grammar and good reading!

Keyboard and Mouse

Our Editing & Book Design Services


Proofreading only focuses on your spelling, grammar, punctuation, typos and consistency. A proofread is like a more accurate version of spell check (with more clarity). 


NOTE: Just because something is grammatically correct, doesn't mean it makes sense.


A copyedit looks at paragraphs and sentences and at correcting your spelling and grammar. This means that, while individual paragraphs may be restructured and reworked to improve readability, a copyedit won’t look at the structure of the entire book.

Comprehensive Editing

This is a complete editing package where the editor combines the content, copyediting,  and proofreading to provide a complete comprehensive edit of a written work.

Formatting & Layout

This includes the design, layout of the manuscript or content, running heads, captions, and more—to transform a completely edited and designed manuscript into a fully marketable book via one of our publishing partners.  Cover design is a separate service and cost.

The options below are rough estimates and not final prices. A quote will be determined after a consultation with the editor and a Manuscript Evaluation Critique has been done (if determined necessary).

“Your book touched my heart just like the plays that you write. It amazes me the artist in the artist of writing, how you are enabled to open yourself to receive from God thoughts and touch the hearts of people.”

Mamie Williams on Hope for the Overcomers Soul book

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