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Deeper, Further, Higher

Deeper, Further, Higher

Monday, October 21, 2019

8:35 AM

Most people think that in order to be successful or to get closer to God that you have to go higher in your career or your life's journey. While this may be true to some people, here's another perspective.

I was listening to William McDowell's song, "I Belong to You", and part of his lyrics said, "I wanna go deeper. I wanna go further. I wanna go higher in You." It made me think of being free, and the price so many people have paid for this freedom.

I watched a trailer for the movie called "Harriet", the true story of Harriet Tubman. I was moved to tears just watching her resilience and bravery in the unmitigated world of slavery. It also reminded me how God's love for me is so powerful that He would free me from a lifetime of being a slave to no longer being bound in sin. It made me think of William McDowell's song and how freedom comes at a price, but Jesus already paid the price for me. Harriet Tubman realized the cost of freedom would take every ounce of her being to get, and though she was free, she risked her life and freedom to help free her family and others. She changed a nation by not just basking in her own freedom, but by sacrificing her life to help show a nation that we are never truly free until the very existence of slavery is abolished. She preferred to live free or die trying to be free and take others with her. Her Underground Railroad was an example of going deeper, further, and higher. She was no longer a slave to fear. She was a true testament to how God has created us to be. He called me, and maybe you, to change a nation. William McDowell and Harriet Tubman's missions both are occular examples of perseverance, obedience and courage, truth in God's Word and His love in the pursuit of freedom we all need.

"I'm no longer a slave to fear, for I am a child of God."

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